Letter From Membership Vice President

Letter From Membership Vice President


Dear Potential New Member, 

Not in a million years have I thought that I’d join a sorority, nay, never have I even imagined that it would be the single factor in making my college experience so exciting and memorable. From crying to my mother on the phone my freshman year about how I cannot find “my kind of group” to never feeling like I do not belong, Alpha Xi Delta has helped me find a group of intelligent, spontaneous, caring, strong, and hard-working women that showed me what it is like to be loved, accepted, and supported no matter what.

Joining Alpha Xi at Georgia State University, shattered my every presumption of Greek life. I was shocked, yet, pleasantly surprised to find out how genuine and encouraging this large group of women can be!  Established in 1893, Alpha Xi has continued to inspire women to realize their potential and it has inspired me to be a better student, a better sister, a better daughter, and a better friend.

Through a series of engaging and interactive events we serve the community, contribute to our national philanthropy, induce the importance of academic excellence, instill leadership skills, and spread school spirit not just within the Greek community but also on our school campus. Of these values we are reminded every time we wear our letters, which we wear across our chests with pride and a heartwarming feeling that we are a part of something greater than self.  

Therefore, I, too, encourage you to go through recruitment and find a place of your own that will make feel like you belong. College is about finding out who you are, carving a path to success, it is about creating life long memories, networking and having fun! I found a place where I could succeed. I found some of the most amazing women that I would not have met otherwise, who are always ready to help me with my school work, bake cookies with me, help me distress or just sit around the dining table late at night and simply laugh! It is the small things that make this sisterhood so special. And I hope it is the small things that will help you find a sisterhood that will mean to you as much as Alpha Xi means to me!


Tess Reboucas 
Membership Vice President