Mixers are some of our favorite things at Alpha Xi Delta. These events are hosted between our sisters and a fraternity to get to know each other. The best part is that they're themed! Our themes from this past year include saints vs sinners, out of this world, rock n roll, & sports jerseys.


We all know the best way to end a semester is with a party! Our sisters had an amazing time dancing and socializing right before a stress-filled finals week. This years semi-formal was held at the Sanctuary night club


Crush Party and Date Nights

Crush Party is where sisters invited their crush for a fun-filled night of dancing and fun. Our date nights this year included attending a Haunted House, Hawks basketball game and Corn Maze!


All of the events during the year lead up to one of our favorite nights, formal! Our formal was themed, The Oscars and held at 433 Bishop! Awards are voted on and given to sisters to recognize them for their contributions to the chapter and each sister is given an Oscar award with a fun nickname or inside joke. It is always a wonderful way to end the school year.