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Alpha Xi Delta

Georgia State University


In Alpha Xi Delta, sisterhood is a fundamental foundation of our fraternity. Sisterhood is about having fun, encouraging and supporting one another, and creating friendships that last for life. The bonds between our sisters are both sacred and treasured. Over the past year our sisters have come together to roller skate for a sisterhood retreat, a tacky sweater themed holiday party, and a pajama chapter meeting. Aside from the events we have planned there are many times where our sisters will have impromptu events such as watching movies in Alpha Xi Delta’s townhouse or going to dinner after chapter. Since our sisterhood can never stop growing what activity we do doesn’t matter, as long as we’re with each other! 

Why did I join Alpha Xi Delta?

Alpha Xi Delta provides so many great opportunities for it's members including friendships that will last a lifetime and the opportunity to realize your potential through the leadership positions offered in Alpha Xi Delta and the support from all of your sisters behind you. Listed on the side are some of the stories from sisters about how they knew Alpha Xi Delta was where they wanted to call home.

Grace Mirabito Spring '16

I happen to be one of those people that believes in fate and signs. I know it’s silly, but every single time that I walked into the Alpha Xi Delta house, I would forget my keys and have to return within the next few hours. Every time that I walked through that door, I felt at home. Every time that I talked to a sister, I felt that I could talk to them about anything in the world. These lovely ladies have taught me to manage my time more wisely and to take risks. They have helped and will continue to help me realize my potential.



Londyn Caton Fall '13

I chose Alpha Xi Delta because I saw a strong sisterhood, and I knew I needed to be apart of it. With every sister I talked with, I felt like I had known them forever. Since Bid Day, I have experienced my best college memories with my sister, explored Atlanta, and grown and realized my potential. My sisters are some of the best people I know and now as a senior, I can definitely say I found the perfect sisterhood. 


Chapter News